Where Singles meet their dream date - for Friendship or Love
Where Singles meet their dream dates
We only allow curated members (dream dates) to join
Members must provide 30 Second Video during sign-up via Live Video
You will be able to have Live Video chats with your prospective dates
I spent $1000s of Dollars per Month, Month after Month, Year after Year, and found nothing but unattractive uninteresting or uninterested dates, I joined and for as little as $29 per Month I found my dream date - I am Happy for the 1st time in Years - Thank you
I am a Woman
I am a Man
If you have used other online dating services, you will really apperciate how with you will find your dream date
Our Co-founders became Single during 2023 and they found the current dating scence whether online or off-line to be frustrating beyond measure. Since off-line dating places such as Clubs primarly cater to people in their early 20s and on-line dating is the worse you can imagine since first you have to sift through 1000s of profiles before you can find one that is attractive and then that profile turns up to be fake all too often. So we created an online dating service where only curated people (dream date materials) can Join and then we use Video to make the profiles to be 100% real
How does it work?
You sign-up for free by answering few questions about who you are
During the sign-up process you must provide a 30 Seconds Video
This Video is not Uploaded but taken live during Sign-up process
So there is NO way that a person can submit a fake Video
If your application is approved, you become a member of
You can indicate to someone that you like them via ice-breakers
If they like you too then you can have Live Video chat to make sure
To have Video chat and message other members you need to be paid member
Paid membership is from only $29 per Month paid annually
Where Do We Serve?
In phase-1 we will serve Singles in countries listed below
Membership Rules
We have a set of simple Rules for becoming member of
You must impress our Curators with your looks and bio
Your application must score minimum 50 points to be considered dream dates material - details
You must post a 30 Seconds Video where you clearly state why you are a dream date
Never include contact information in your Video
Dress nicely for your Video, after all this is your chance to impress Us and the members
You must not be nude in your Video, you can be wearing a Bikini but not nude
Never Spam any other member via Video chat requests or messaging
State of the Art in Video Chat
One of the great aspects of is that you can meet the members you like via Video chat to make sure you two are perfect for each other before meeting in person. So that you do not waste time & money to go on blind dates which can be very frustrating and expensive. The Video chat we use is the state of the art in Web based Video chatting developed and provided to us by the Social network of, since it is easy to use as it is 100% Web based thus requiring no download and instead you can instantly be having Video chat with your dream date within your browser
What Do Members Say
I Love because it is so female-friendly. A great choice for wanting the online dating experience. I find it to be the most excellent option for dating because I am so tired of Club scenes and online dating sites that are all about swiping left and right
Amanda - London UK
With its commitment and Video chat technologies for providing a safe and real online dating environment, is by far the best choice for online dating since I am so tired of wasting time & money on fake profiles that dominate other online dating Sites
Guy - Montreal Canada
If you are tired of dating around, wasting time on online dating services that do not deliver and even worse going to Clubs, look no further than, for real connections, for meeting your True Love. I sure am I did since I met my wonderful Husband here
Gloria - Washington DC
Above testimonials are not Real but sample holders for this section
Our Numbers {of course our Goals for now}
100 Million
Avg To Find Their Dream Date
4 Months
Avg Dates Per Week Created
1.5 Million
Above numbers are Projections of what we can and hope to do once we are fully operational
We didn't start .com because we wanted to be in the dating business. We just found the current process for finding probably the most important thing in your Life, which is your dream dates, which can lead to your True Love, to be so badly broken and frustrating. Because we can truly make the World a better place by brining Singles together since Friendship and Love is the most important thing in Life, really as important, if not more important, than basics of Food & Housing, since with good Friendships and your True Love people can be Happy and when they are Happy they get so much more out of Life which is indeed the key to making the World a better place